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Jeff Plate's Online Fanbook

Hello Jeff, Thank you kindly for taking the time in Hartford this past Saturday evening to sign my grandson Keegan’s shirt and then to take the time at the end of a heal of a long day for you to have a picture and give him a set of drum sticks was truly generous of you .

When you were in Worcester, MA did you ever play at Steeple Bumsteads or Ralphs Diner?

Once again, thank you for your kindness and making this 4th TSO Concert something he will always remember. We are going to buy him his first drum set this Christmas and he wants one just like yours…. :) can we do it on a $400.00 budget, lol

We will check out Pearl Drums….do you have an autographed snare head or set ? Just kidding you but do you deliver..he would die!

Well enjoy your 2010 Tour! We look forward to next year’s Tour and seeing you. God Bless and Happy Holidays.
You’re a hell of a great musician and better yet…seem like a genuine nice guy!

Bob and Christine Corbin
Sutton, Ma 01590

Keegan Hodgkinsons, age 6 and your biggest fan

Added: November 7, 2010
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